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About Us

We a small family owned business with over 15 years extensive experience in the demolition industry.

Landman Demolition Services was established as our Director Jay Landman had a passion for demolition and wanted to offer his experience and expertise to clients to help them with their demolition projects. Jay had been working for professional demolition companies for over 15 years prior to starting his company where he obtained abundant skills, training and outstanding work ethics which has allowed him to become the accomplished demolisher he is today.

Landman Demolition Services offer AFFORDABLE demolition services that are FAST, EFFICIENT, FRIENDLY and RELIABLE.

Our team specialises in residential house demolition and have widespread skills and experience in domestic and commercial structural demolition. Our director Jay Landman has successfully supervised and carried out numerous complex projects throughout the last 15 years such as silo demolition, multistorey high-rise buildings, over passes, Industrial sheds, fire damaged tilt up buildings, countless house demolitions and more.

We also offer many other services such as asbestos removal, pool removal, tree clearing, rubbish removal and house strip outs.

Our customers are our priority! We are focused on delivering affordable demolition services that will meet your deadlines and budget requirements without impeding on the project’s quality, professionalism and safety. 

Why choose Landman Demolition Services?

Unrestricted demolition licence

  • Accurate & competitive estimations
  • Work completed on time & on budget
  • Comprehensive site risk analysis
  • Cost effective solutions to cater to all budgets
  • Class B non-friable asbestos licence


  • Domestic Premises/Houses
  • Garages, sheds and granny flats
  • Strip Outs – shops & homes
  • Concrete removal
  • Brick and block structures
  • Safe Asbestos Removal
  • Tree clearing/removal
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Dams
  • Pool removal
  • General excavator servises

Residential Demolition:

Landman Demolition Services can offer a variety of demolition services to accommodate any budget or timeframe. We utilise only the best resources, equipment, machinery and personnel for all sites and we guarantee that your land will be cleared and ready for construction within the predicted timeframe.  

Landman Demolition Services has an unrestricted Demolition Licence and class B Asbestos removal licence. Without these you cannot by law demolish a residential structure or remove and dispose of Asbestos.

Detailed planning is required before demolition takes place. There are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration. For example:

  • applying for the necessary demolition permits, you will need to obtain a demolition permit before you engage a licenced demolition contractor or we can help you obtain the demolition permit.
  • disconnecting existing services (e.g. electricity, drainage, gas and water supply) Note: an accessible water supply will still be required for your contractors to draw water for demolition purposes.
  • initial Inspection
  • site safety requirements and development of tailored safety documentation
  • Submitting appropriate forms through work safe such as the notification for Asbestos removal works.
  • performing asbestos removal as per safe government requirements
  • protecting nearby properties and structures
  • salvage and demolition work
  • arranging of the demolition waste as per environmental requirements
  • Site levelling and track rolling

Residential Housing Strip Outs:

  • Removal of asbestos
  • Bathroom strip outs
  • Kitchen strip outs
  • laundry & wet area strip outs
  • garage & shed removal
  • Demolish Brick, Concrete, Timber & Steel Structures
  • Site Clean Up