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Asbestos Removal

Laws are in place that permit only qualified and licensed professionals to remove quantities over 10m2 of asbestos containing material and dispose of it at a certified tipping facility. All Asbestos removal must be carried out in accordance with the WHS Regulation.

Landman Demolition holds a current class B Asbestos Removal License and is fully insured to undertake Non-Friable Asbestos removal.

Our staff are all highly skilled at carrying out asbestos removal and hold personal removal and supervision licences as required. We ensure all our staff are always up to date with the most current training available. And are always up to date with asbestos health monitoring and fit tests as required by government standards. We ensure all correct PPE is utilised at all times.

Before asbestos can be removed, we ensure we have a licensed person assess the site to identify all asbestos containing material. We prepare an asbestos removal control plan and implement a tailored SWMS for the removal of the asbestos containing material. A notification of asbestos removal is lodge with the relevant organisation as required and adequate signs and barricades will be installed prior to removal. Further notification to neighbouring properties will be distributed to advise when the asbestos removal will take place.

Once the asbestos containing materials are removed, they will be disposed of and transported according to work place health and safety requirements to a regulated tipping facility. The site will have adequate clearance carried out to ensure all asbestos has been removed.

We carry out bonded asbestos removal to the following areas: