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Demolition Servives

Landman Demolition Services can offer a variety of demolition services to accommodate any budget or timeframe. We utilise only the best resources, equipment, machinery and personnel for all sites and we guarantee that your land will be cleared and ready for construction within the predicted timeframe. 

Asbestos Removal

Laws are in place that permit only qualified and licensed professionals to remove quantities over 10m2 of asbestos containing material and dispose of it at a certified tipping facility. All Asbestos removal must be carried out in accordance with the WHS Regulation.


Our team specialises in residential house demolition. Our staff have widespread skills and experience in commercial structural demolition

We also offer many other services such as tree clearing, yard clean ups, rubbish removal, house strip outs and general hire 13tonne excavator.

Jobs We Have Done

Domestic Premises/Houses
Garages, sheds and granny flats
Strip Outs – shops & homes
Concrete removal
Removal of asbestos
Bathroom strip outs
Kitchen strip outs
Laundry & wet area strip outs
Demolish Brick, Concrete, Timber & Steel Structures
Site Clean Up